Virat Sreegerd

Sex Drugs
Rock ’n roll

Sex Drugs Rock ’n roll was the slogan and catchword from the designer and brand owner of Mafia Brand. This slogan influences the designs and creativities to Mafia’s products.

Rock ‘n Roll doesn’t mean music style but it’s our extremes lifestyle, crazy and it’s clearly shows our identity. Our Rock n’ roll’s lifestyle also manipulates the designs and creates of Mafia’s products which is raw and fierce and shows truly emotions. Our inspirations are from our lifestyles, environments, interests, music, movies, places, things we see in our daily life.

The materials that we used are Brass, White Bronze, Pink Bronze and Silver which are the key message to the rawness and the quality of material give us the beauty.

Mafia Shop was first established in year 2004 when 2 young Thai designers, Chaovana “Palm” Imocha and Virat “Tam” Sreegerd, decided to rock the fashion market with conceptual brass jewellery design. Of course it all started with nothing to do with fashion… only passion in design. Tam and Palm graduated from Thailand’s most outrageous university, Silpakorn University, from the department of decorative art majoring in Jewellery design.

spread the seeds of passion in design with hit the market with Brass With 2 good friends, graduates of Silpakorn University . It is a shop for everyone and anyone. We think of our customers as friends and they are the true owner of the shop as they helped contribute to the growth of the company

Shop : Jaktujak weekend market section 4 soi 50/1 no.204 Thailand.
+668 1875 3990