The Designers' Room project has been organized annually since 2002 by The Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. The project's objective is to select the best aspiring Thai Fashion Designers who will drive Thailand's fashion design industry with their exceptional fashion products, jewelry and accessories. In addition the project aims to raise Thai Designers' potential and competitiveness toward international markets so that they are able to prosper at the highest level and become potential role models of designers for the younger generation by creating valueadded products, and helping to generate export revenue as well as
promoting the country's image as a source of design and creativity. Most designers in the project have succeeded in establishing their names in both local and international markets. Part of this achievement comes from the project's focus on marketing strategies and the knowledge in design for export with specialists invited to share their experiences and advice to the participating designers. This year, 23 brands were selected to join the project. The designers will receive support from the department of international trade promotion in terms of knowledge, publicity and marketing activities for both local and overseas markets to create recognition in the potential of thai designers as stated in the project's objectives.